Sizing Guide

The Perfect Fit For Your Working Dog

You can only do a job right if your equipment is right. That means making sure that your dog’s gear not only looks good but fits properly. Whether you're a professional dog handler, or just getting into the working dog sport.
Our custom-made leather dog equipment is made to look fresh and made to last. However, the wrong size can hurt your dog and hurt performance. So check the info below to ensure you get the right size agitation muzzle.
a muzzle sizing guide diagram

How To Measure Your Dog For An Agitation Muzzle

First, gather some supplies. You’ll need:
  • Your Dog
  • Flexible Measuring Tape or String Ruler if you’re using string
  • Paper and pen to write down measurements
Directions: All you need to do is take the flexible measuring tape and measure from the tip of your dog's nose up until the stop. That will be your length. Next, you’ll want to measure the thickest part of your dog's muzzle. It should wrap around the stop or just below your dog's eyes. Measure down and around their mouth. Your dog's mouth can be open or closed. (See above image)