Leather Working Dog Equipment Care

Just like all of your dog training equipment, these unique pieces of art should be cared for if you want them to last. We promise, it's easy. And with proper care your muzzle can even outlast your working dogs career. 


While these custom made leather muzzles are water resistant, they cannot be submerged in water or left outside in rain. Excessive moisture can ruin the paint detail and degrade metal rivets. 

A dog with custom leather working dog equipment.  

Once a year, you should condition your muzzle with a saddle soap. Each brand is different so be sure to follow the direction on your favorite brand. We love using Fiebing's Saddle Soap. And a soft cloth or sponge. Any abrasive tools can damage the leather and paint.


Working dogs work hard! Dogs can easily build up drool and leave dirty, stinky residue in the muzzle. For regular cleaning you can use a wet rag and mild soap like Dawn. Make sure the leather is completely dry before storing. 


Store your muzzle out of direct sunlight as that could hurt the integrity of the leather and the paint will fade. Storing your muzzle with other equipment may lead to damage such as scratches, tears, and mold.