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Black Shuck K9 Armory

"The Drake" Agitation Muzzle

"The Drake" Agitation Muzzle

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*This muzzle is made to order for your dog, please expect up to 4 weeks for your order.

This unique custom leather working dog muzzle is made from a single piece of leather. Like your dog, our leather is a cut above the rest. We use the same leather that armor is made of. So you know this muzzle won't fall apart on the field. No expense is spared.

Hand-made from start to finish from an artisan leather worker. This functional piece of art brings the strength of the guild to your training. 


Reinforced with a stainless steel bar to protect your working K-9.  Suitable for both training and trial scenarios. This durable custom leather muzzle is perfect for "civil work" and personal protection training. 


Each muzzle is hand dyed and painted for a unique one-of-a-kind color and pattern and then enhanced by hand sculpting in the leather. This muzzle will stand out on any field. 

Acrylic sealed to protect the finish and detail and make cleaning easy.  

S: 4" Length x 11" Jaw
M: 4" Length x 12" Jaw

L: 4" Length x 13" Jaw
XL: 4" Length x 14" Jaw

When in doubt or if you don't see your size, contact me today for a custom fit. 

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